Exploring Global Warming




Resources for Youth

Sites related to Activity #1: How Thick is the Atmosphere?

The Atmosphere as a Membrane

Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere

Sites related to Activity #2: What’s in the Air?

How Clouds Form

Cloud Formations

Sites Related to Activity #3: What’s the Greenhouse Effect?

"Earthguide": Animation Explaining Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

"HyperPhysics": Scientific Charts and Diagrams of the Greenhouse Effect

"Physical Geography": The Greenhouse Effect

Sites related to Activity #4: What are Greenhouse Gases?

Greenhouse Gas Sources

Greenhouse Gas Charts

Fuel Our Future Now

What Are Greenhouse Gases?

Sites related to Activity #5: Where do Greenhouse Gases Come From?

Global Warming: Signs and Sources

Graph of the Sources of Greenhouse Gases

Carbon Dioxide & Greenhouse Gas

National Geographic: Causes of Global Warming

Greenhouse Gases and Society: Effects and Solutions

Sites related to Activity #6: How Much Greenhouse Gas Comes from Car Exhaust?

Carbon for Kids: Movies about CO2

EDF: Greenhouse Gases and Cars

EPA: Where Does Nitrous Oxide Come From?

Sites related to Activity #7: What Happens as it Gets Warmer?

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

Mayan Village in Mexico Impacted by Climate Change

Disappearing Nations

Climate Changes in India

World View of Global Warming

Sites related to Activity #8: What’s your Carbon Footprint?

EPA: Calculate Your Impact

EPA: Household Emissions Calculator

Twelve Really Important Things You can do to Help Stop Global Warming

Sites related to Activity #9: How does a Wind Turbine Work?

How Wind Turbines Work

How Wind Turbines Work - 3D Animation

Science Channel Video: How Wind Turbines Work

Sites related to Activity #10: Cooking with the Sun

Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking Recipes


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