Sugar and Salt





Unit Overview - Exploring the Secret of Sugar and Salt

In the first section of the unit, the youth examine the relationship between their bodies and sugar and salt. First they will explore where on their tongue they taste each of the five known tastes. In the next two activities, they learn how to read food labels for sugar and salt content. They then consider how much sugar and salt they eat and compare it to what is recommended.

In the second part of the unit, the youth delve into the chemistry of solutions. They investigate what it means for something to dissolve and what factors influence that process. They also see that the process of dissolving can be reversed to form beautiful salt crystals. Finally, they explore the concept of density as they create liquid rainbows using colored sugar solutions of different concentrations.

In the final section of the unit, the youth take a look at the effect of salt on the freezing point of water. They even use their newfound knowledge to make ice cream!  In the last activity of the unit, the youth examine the environmental effects of using salt to melt icy roads. They see the effect of salt on plants and then consider what chemical they think should be used to keep roads free of ice.



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