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Video Resources

The following videos are available for use at participating afterschool sites. Please contact INCRE at least one week before you would like to view the video.

Paper: The Video
This 12-minute video explores the uses of paper and demonstrates what our lives would be like without paper. It also touches on trees as a necessary resource in the papermaking process and the importance of recycling paper. This video would be a good fit after Activity #4, Paper Scavenger Hunt.

Modern Papermaking and Recycling: Lost and Found
These two 4-minute videos provide an overview of the papermaking process and the industrial paper recycling process. Since the videos are similar, it allows the two processes to be easily compared and contrasted. These two videos would fit well after Activity #2, Where Does Paper Come From?

The Paper Trail - The History of Paper
This 4-minute video offers a summary of the history of paper. This video would fit nicely after Activity #6, Does Everyone Use the Same Amount of Paper?



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