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INCRE Mission Statement
INCRE Organizational Capacity
INCRE Board of Directors
INCRE Professionals
INCRE Supporting Grants and Contracts


INCRE Mission Statement

The Intercultural Center for Research in Education (INCRE)  is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to research, development and technical assistance with the purpose of promoting quality and equity of education in the United States and internationally through projects that integrate humanistic education concept art curso online take ebaconline, science, technology and education for the preservation of life on our planet.

Created in 1990, INCRE is an organization that combines extensive technical expertise with the belief that educational research is not an academic exercise but a useful tool in promoting meaningful changes and improvement in schools and communities.



Organizational Capacity
INCRE provides technical expertise in each of the following process areas:

Curriculum Development, Implementation and Evaluation

Instructional and Management Computer Applications

Development and Validation of National Testing Systems

Performance Assessment

Comprehensive Program Planning and Evaluation

Data Processing and Statistical Analysis

Policy Research

Staff Development and Teacher Training

Networking, Dissemination and Collaboration with other Institutions

INCRE applies its expertise in the following areas:

Early Childhood Education

Elementary Education

Secondary Education

Post-Secondary Education

After-School Programs

Educational Technology

Vocational/Technical Education

Science, Environmental and Humane Education

Bilingual and English as a Second Language Education

Multicultural Education and Cross-cultural Communication

Spanish as a Foreign Language

Parental Involvement in Education



INCRE Board of Directors

Dr.  Nancy C.  Barra, President

Dr. Barra, one of the founders and President of INCRE, is a sociologist graduated from the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile, with Master of Education and Doctorate degrees in International Education from Harvard University. She has extensive experience in development of curriculum and teacher training programs for elementary and secondary schools in Latin America and the United States that utilize interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches. Prior to joining INCRE full-time in 1992, Dr. Barra worked as the National Origin Coordinator for the New England Center for Equity Assistance. As INCRE President, Dr. Barra has a central role in developing bilingual interdisciplinary and multicultural curriculum materials and programs, including her responsibility as an author and Senior Editor of the Sunflower/Girasol primary school science and literacy curriculum. Dr. Barra is also active in new program development and ensures that INCRE maintains focus on its educational mission to support underserved populations both in the United States and internationally.

Dr. John P. Zuman, Executive Director

Dr. Zuman, a founder and the Executive Director of INCRE, holds a Master of Education and a Doctorate in Research in Policy Analysis and Evaluation from Harvard University and an undergraduate degree in Urban Education and Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.).  He has worked as a high school teacher of mathematics, science and computer programming, an evaluator of innovative science, mathematics and environmental curricula, dropout prevention and vocational/technical programs, as a statistician and data analyst, and as an instructor for graduate-level university courses in educational research and the uses of computers in education. Dr. Zuman has directed several national educational evaluation projects with ministries of education in El Salvador, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. He also directed the technical assistance to implement curriculum reform and teacher training for a public university in Puebla, Mexico. Currently, Dr. Zuman is directing an evaluation project of basic schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to his responsibilities as INCRE Executive Director, Dr. Zuman currently directs the Massachusetts After-School Research  Study (MARS) and several national and local educational evaluation projects.

Prof. Noel F. McGinn

Dr. Noel McGinn is Professor of Education Emeritus at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Institute Fellow at the Institute of International Development at Harvard University. He was Principal Investigator of the BRIDGES project, a seven-year USAID-funded effort to provide education planners and policy makers in Third World countries with increased access to research-based information about the effectiveness of alternative policies and programs.  Dr. McGinn has worked for the past two decades on issues of educational planning in developing countries, with particular attention to the process of policy formulation. He has co-authored several national studies of education systems (Korea, Mexico, Venezuela) and a series of articles on education planning and decentralization. Dr. McGinn continues to advise leaders from different ministries of education and universities at the international level. Dr. McGinn was recently awarded by the Organization of American States (OAS) for his significant contributions to education in Latin America.

Dr. Marjorie Agosín

Dr. Marjorie Agosín is a world renowned poet and writer of fiction and non-fiction.  She is professor of Spanish and chair of the Latin American Literature department at Wellesley College. A native of Chile, her many publications include A Cross and a Star: Memoirs of a Jewish Girl in Chile, Ashes of Revolt: Essays on Human Rights, Circle of Madness, Zones of Pain and Other Poems, Tapestries of Hope: The History of the Chilean Arpillera, Memories of Love, Absence of Shadows and Always from Somewhere Else: My Jewish Father, among many other publications. Dr. Agosín has received several awards for her literary achievements, including the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor for Lifetime Achievement from the government of Chile, the Good Neighbor Award given by the Conference of Christians and Jews and the United Nations Leadership Award for Human Rights. Her literary work has contributed significantly to a better understanding of culture, ethnic prejudices and life in Latin America and the United States from her perspective as a Jewish Latin woman, writer and poet.

Dr. Roberto Lent

Professor Roberto Lent is a medical doctor graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a doctorate in Biophysics from the same university. He has worked for two years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), and has been working now for over ten years at the Institute Biofísica Carlos Chagas Filho, in Rio de Janeiro. He is currently the Chairman of the Department of Neurobiology at that institute, where he also runs a research laboratory. Professor Lent is also interested in science education and its popularization. He was one of the founders and former Editor of Brazil’s main science magazine, Ciência Hoje, published by the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC). He has published articles devoted to the popularization of the neurosciences both in Ciência Hoje and in its version for children, Ciência Hoje das Crianças. With his contribution, Dr. Lent is making it possible for millions of children in Brazil and Latin America to have access to scientific knowledge using a serious and attractive approach. Dr. Lent inspired INCRE professionals to create the Sunflower/Girasol science activity books for children.



INCRE Professionals

Dr. Jon Kaiser Senior Research Associate
Dr. Thomas Breen III Senior Data Analyst
Dr. Eugenio González Testing and Evaluation Specialist
Dr. Magda Raupp Program Evaluation Specialist
Dr. Claudette Fongkong-Mungal Program Evaluation Specialist
Ruth Bowman Program Evaluation Specialist
Kristin Lewis-Warner Program Evaluation Specialist
Audrey Martínez Program Evaluation Specialist
Bernadette Mcquilkin Curriculum Developer
Adalberto Crisóstomo Computer Education Specialist
Karen Penn de Martínez Computer Education Specialist
Salvador Ortiz de Montellano Computer Systems Specialist
Gonzalo Ferrer Systems Analyst
Josemaría Barba Telecommunications Specialist
Laurel Greenberg Video Production Specialist
Linda Deming Artist/Illustrator
Valerie Waskiewicz Graphic Designer
Loreto Ruiz Administrative Assistant/Translator



INCRE is supported by grants and contracts from the following agencies:

Action for Boston Community Development

ARCO Foundation


Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico

Boston Children’s Museum

Boston, MA Public Schools

Boston Parent Organizing Network

Caroline & Sigmund Schott Foundation

Child Development Family Systems, Malden, MA

Early Childhood Equity Alliance, Seattle, WA

Education Development Center, Newton, MA

Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

Escuela Internacional Del Campo, Honduras

Framingham, MA Public Schools

Goals 2000 Massachusetts Parent Education and Resource Center

Government of the Dominican Republic

Government of Guyana

Government of Honduras

Government of Panama

Government of Trinidad and Tobago

Inter-American Development Bank

Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation

Lowell, MA Public Schools

Massachusetts Department of Education

National Science Foundation

Nellie Mae Education Foundation

New Haven, CT Public Schools

Providence, RI Public Schools

Salem, MA Public Schools

Stamford, CT Public Schools

TERC, Cambridge, MA

Tufts University, Medford, MA

United Way of Massachusetts Bay

University of Massachusetts Boston

University of Santiago, Chile

US Agency for International Development

US Department of Education

Wheelock College, Boston, MA

World Society for the Protection of Animals

Zero to Eight Coalition, Boston, MA

INCRE is also supported in part by individual contributions, and by sales of curriculum materials to teachers and schools.


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