Zero to Eight Coalition Evaluation Reports

The following reports have been developed by INCRE under contract with the Evaluation committee of 0-8. These reports may be obtained from INCRE. Please call (781) 643-2142 for information.

Evaluation of Staff Development and Parental Initiatives, June 30, 1999

This report documents the activities of training and parent initiatives supported by the Zero to Eight Coalition in FY’99; evaluates the impact of training and parent initiatives on the quality of care, access and other program goals; and addresses the Coalition’s strategic planning questions.

Evaluation of the Mentor Director Accreditation Support Project, July 31, 2000

This evaluation of the Mentor Director Project, conducted for the Innercity Childcare Directors Network, reviews the quality and impact of a peer support model in which directors of NAEYC accredited centers mentor center directors who are entering the accreditation process.

Baseline Study of Early Childhood Literacy in Boston, July 31, 2000

This study evaluates how ECE centers and family child care providers in Boston promote children’s emergent literacy development, and assesses the assistance that ECE providers receive from citywide organizations and neighborhood clusters to develop early literacy programs.

Evaluation of 0-8 Support Services Initiatives, July 31, 2000

This study documents services for children with special needs that are supported by 0-8 and assesses the impact of support services initiatives on childcare programs.

Family Child Care Providers in Boston: Evaluation of support systems and leadership development opportunities, February 26, 2001

This study documents the support systems for family child care providers in Boston; analyzes the barriers and opportunities for professional development; and identifies strategies for 0-8 to provide leadership and professional development for family child care providers.

Improving Transitions from Preschool to Kindergarten, April 30, 2001

This report summarizes the activities and results of an initiative funded by Lucent Technologies to strengthen the relationships and communication between pre-school and Kindergarten teachers and support parents in their children’s transition to Kindergarten.

Lessons Learned from Successful Support Services, June 27, 2001

This study, contracted by Child Care Choices of Boston, identified the key elements that contribute to successful support services, documents lessons learned, identifies problems and challenges, and makes recommendations to guide future interventions.

Child Care Center Director Study, June 30, 2002

This study describes the level of experience and education of child care center directors; analyzes their strengths and weaknesses to promote education quality; identifies the challenges in managing center operations; and identifies the professional development needs of directors to help them address these challenges.

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