Air Unit

The Sunflower/Girasol Air unit is divided into the following three sections:

1. How do we know air is there? (How does air act?)

2. Air is important for all living things.

3. Air pollution and its effects

In the first section, students are challenged to think about what air is, and how it acts. For example, children engage in two activities which demonstrate that even though we can't see air, or "touch" it, air takes up space, and has weight. Students also investigate air pressure, and how it acts as a force on objects all around us. Finally, children learn about how air moves, and do an activity to investigate the existence of air currents in their own environment.

In the second section, children become more conscious of the ways in which living things both humans and plants are dependent upon air. Students count the number of breaths they take in a minute, and then estimate how many breaths they take in an entire year. They also learn about how plants take in carbon dioxide, and give off oxygen, and observe the production of oxygen by some underwater plants. They also complete the Sunflower Mailbox "mail-in" activity, sharing their estimates about breaths in a year with others.

Finally, students investigate air pollution, and its negative effects on our environment. Children begin with an experiment to evaluate indoor air pollution, and then go outside to do a "car count" and to estimate the amount of pollutants put into the atmosphere by the vehicles they have counted. They also interview their parents, to learn in what ways the issue of air pollution is the same, and different, in other countries. Finally, children learn about acid rain: what it is, and its effect on plants and other living things. As an extension activity, children can collect rainwater samples, and investigate the extent to which acid rain is a problem in their own local area. Throughout this section, children are encouraged to think about things that they, their families and their communities can do to minimize the problem of air pollution.

The length of time required to complete the Air Unit depends on the number of extension activities you choose to do. In total, you should expect to spend about 5 weeks.

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