Sound Unit

The Sunflower/Girasol Sound Unit is divided into three sections which address the following questions:

1. What kinds of sounds can we hear every day?

2. How do we hear?

3. How is music made?

In the first section, students practice listening skills and identify sources of different sounds. They focus on whether each sound is natural or man-made. There are also several fun listening exercises using an audio tape that accompanies this unit.

In the second section, students investigate the physical properties of sound and answer questions such as: What is sound? How does sound travel? How do we hear? What makes sounds loud or soft? What makes sounds high or low pitched?

The third section of the Sound Unit is dedicated to activities about music and musical instruments. Children interview parents about favorite types of music and music and instruments typical of their countries of origin. They identify music from different Latino cultures. Students also make their own musical instruments and perform a play with original sound effects.

The length of time it takes to complete the Sound Unit depends on the number of extension activities you choose to do. On average, the Sound Unit will take about 5 weeks to complete.


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