Trash Unit

The Sunflower/Girasol Trash Unit is divided into three sections which address the following questions:

1. What happens to trash?

2. How much trash do we throw away?

3. How and why do we recycle?

In the first section, students conduct activities that help them understand what happens to trash in a landfill. They investigate how long it takes different materials to decompose, and learn what leaching and groundwater are.

In the second section, students do an investigation of how much trash they throw away at home each week. Based on the their results, students estimate how much trash is thrown away by everyone living in their city. Students also investigate how trash is disposed of in other countries, and generate ideas on how to reduce garbage waste at home and in school.

In the third section, students find out about recycling programs, investigate what natural resources are used to make different products, and organize a recycling or clean-up campaign in their school.

The length of time it takes to complete the Trash Unit depends on the number of extension activities you choose to do. On average, the Trash Unit will take about 5 weeks to complete.


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